NEMA Planning Section

The Planning Section supports the emergency management and homeland security activities administered by the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). The planning section is responsible for maintaining the agency planning functions at both the state and local levels. Plans are established and maintained to meet the potential hazards facing Nebraska.

At the direction of the Governor and in support of the Revised Reissued Statutes of Nebraska 81-829.41, the Planning Section must establish and maintain a current State Emergency Operations Plan (SEOP). The section also provides the professional and technical services needed to support local emergency managers in maintaining a Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP) for each county within the state. It is the responsibility of the county to maintain and revise the LEOP so it remains current and compliant to all laws and regulations.

Components of State and Local Plans

Questions concerning the Planning Section may be addressed by contacting any of the planning staff:

Dan Hiller Planning Unit Supervisor 402-471-7419
Alisia LaMay Emergency Management Program Specialist I 402-471-7425
Leo Larkin Emergency Management Planning Specialist 402-471-7432
Logan Lueking Emergency Management Program Specialist I 402-471-7427
Patrick Rooney Emergency Management Planning Specialist 402-471-7417

State Emergency Operations Plan

Local Emergency Operations Plans

2014 Standardized LEOP
(complete document in PDF)

2014 Standardized LEOP
(compressed Word .DOC files)

Calendar of Scheduled LEOP Revisions

Nebraska Emergency Management Act

Title 67, Chapter 7

Local Emergency Manager's Handbook

LEOP Orientation PowerPoint

Web Addresses for Planning Resources

Nebraska Agricultural Emergency Response Monographs


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