Drought and Wildfire Information

Region 24 Wildfire 2012

Continued Drought Conditions are expected across Nebraska in 2013 which could lead to both wildfires and problems with drinking water supplies. The following information and resources are intended to help emergency managers maintain situational awareness about current conditions as they support their communities.

Emergency Water Resources for Communities

Communities experiencing a potable (drinking) water emergency may need supplier information.

Wal-Mart Contacts -- The most efficient way for a community to place an order of bottled water through Wal-Mart would be to contact local facility managers who would then contact the Wal-Mart home office.

If you have contact information you would like to include below, please: email NEMA

Nebraska Rural Response Hotline -- 800-464-0258

A statewide hotline to respond to farm, ranch and rural callers sponsored by the Farm Crisis Response Council through Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska. Rural Response Hotline Website

Disaster Documents

Governor's Emergency Fund - Guidelines for Public Officials
Attachment 2: A compressed file of the Excel spreadsheet designed to be a financial worksheet for the Governor's Emergency Fund.
Emergency Assistance for Wildfire Control (Yellow Book)


Drought Center--Nebraska Department of Agriculture
Nebraska Drought Resources -- University of Nebraska-Lincoln

State Response Agencies:

Nebraska Department of Roads      511 Road Conditions
Department of Health and Human Services      Water Conservation and Drought Information


Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, 2433 N.W. 24th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68524-1801